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Mr. Quinn

Twenty twenty was not the vision many had hoped for. The year started off with an alakazam but then it all went up in a puff of smoke. Yet magicians, mentalists and performers alike proved themselves to be resourceful to adapt to the situation. It has truly been a testing time but there have been many silver linings. With lockdowns and working from home, I had probably become more socially active than I would normally. Social media proved to be a great means to keep in touch with family and friends, and what better way to share the magic. …

Whilst recently sharing a brief insight into my creative process on character, I was also contemplating sharing my scripting process for the stage act. Having gained some years of experience within script development, specifically for TV and film, I thought I might have something to share. I thoroughly enjoy the creative process of writing, hence this blog, whilst also sharing and helping others in realising their ideas. This involved providing script feedback and notes for both writers in film, novels and book adaptation to screen. …

Magic Brand

Greetings reader, I hope you are well. This is part of an unpublished blog post I drafted nearly a year ago, so thought it was timely to update. It’s also a year to the day Mr Quinn made his stage debut here, and I look forward to treading the boards again soon. In the meantime I’ve been practising more close up magic.


During these challenging times, it has been uplifting to see so much creativity being shared within the magical realm. Now more than ever we could all do with some magic in our lives.

This last month I’ve had some magical highlights. One of them was a brilliant lecture on stage craft from Freddie Davies at The Magic Circle. Learning about stage craft I’ve found a challenge as theres not a great deal of written resources on the topic. The best way to learn is to gain your flight time whilst treading the boards.

Freddie shared his secrets of the trade…

Another brilliant year for magic at Blackpool Winter Gardens. Whilst only visiting on Saturday, I managed to attend a couple of lectures and visit the dealers hall. This year however was more about catching up with Magic friends whilst making new ones, as we only get to see one another once a year besides interacting on social media.

The Session

This was my first time attending The Session and I had a fantastic day meeting magic friends old and new. Whilst attending just the Saturday of the three day event, I managed to catch most of the talks in between some jams and chats with fellow magi.

Top Magic friends 2019

2020 looks set to be a magical roller-coaster with some great line ups on forthcoming magic conventions The Session, Blackpool and Magic Live! and my first UK Card Con! Last year saw some amazing new effects and magic books, some of which I put to good use in my best of list below.

Top effects of 2019

Level One has got to be my number one! Having seen this at first hand, demo’d by its talented creator Christian Grace at Blackpool. This is becoming the new Omni deck, in a good way. Its pure genius. …

Seasons greetings Earthlings!

As the black Friday sales dust settles and Cyber Monday reboots, it’s a good time to reflect upon the past year and make preparations for the one in store. Time for those magic resolutions and what a magical time it’s been this year! My magic mentor, Rob Zabrecky, has set me the challenge to work on my set list as I prepare a one man show for Mr Quinn. Next year I plan to explore more venues to perform, whilst seeking membership for Equity and The Magic Circle. …

Focused practice

Winding down towards the end of year makes for a good time of reflection and practice. At the beginning of this year, my resolutions were to Purchase less, Practice more and Perform! Whilst curbing ones spending on all things magic related is a challenge, I’ve certainly performed more and have practiced and videoed the majority of rehearsals and acts. Whilst a steep learning curve in stage craft and audience management, filming the rehearsals and acts have proved beneficial in refining scripts and blocking. Practice little and often.

The Propdog magic store is an excellent supplier for all your magical needs. My first visit checking out some magic props for my latest magic act, I was greeted by the beautiful Bobo. The Parrot.

Mr. Quinn

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